Lambert Mbom

Where were you when news broke of the military takeover of Egypt and the ouster of Mubarak on Friday Feb 11, 2011? Or rather, where did you celebrate when the curtain closed over the Mubarak drama?

I had the rare privilege to get two hours of quality time with political guru – Dr Christopher Fomunyoh, of the National Democratic Institute. It took me at least two months to get this time given the busy nature of Dr Fomunyoh’s schedule. He is one heck of a busy man. If he is not training election observers, he is monitoring elections, or honoring speaking engagements and you can add your own item to the list. Yet he still had time to pick up his son from a basketball game after this conversation. “He who has been found worthy of little things can be entrusted greater treasures.”

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, 24th President of Liberia is Harvard alum. Barack Obama, 44th President of the USA is Harvard alum. After five decades of lackluster leadership from an alum of ENA Paris, is it time for Africa in general and Cameroon in particular to savor the brilliance of another Harvard alum? Chris, by some accident or by some design happens to be from the same law school that gave America its first African American President. Will it give Cameroon, its first Anglophone President?

May I hasten to add here that the systemic collapse in Cameroon has in fact largely, been orchestrated by those eggheads who had the rare privilege of walking the academic groves of the best schools in Cameroon.

If time is money, then the time I spent with Dr. Fomunyoh is only measurable in terms of gold. It was more a conversation around the fireside during which time he broached a number of issues which I have divided into four sections namely on Egypt, on Cote D’Ivoire, Elections in Africa and Cameroon.
An Evening Chat with Presidential wannabe – Dr Christopher Fomunyoh Pt 1